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It’s Queens v. Brooklyn Week… in Manhattan!

BrooklynQueensAs a part of July Good Beer Month, Jimmy Carbone—also host of Beer Sessions Radio on the Heritage Radio Network and a Good Beer Seal co-founder—will be broadcasting live from Brooklyn tomorrow evening, before heading over to Crimson & Vine in Queens to receive the Mayor’s official July is Good Beer Month proclamation for the sixth year running. During that time, we’ve seen a tremendous growth in brewers in all five boroughs, but none more so than in Brooklyn and Queens.

Thus it is that we’ll be featuring some of our favorite Kings and Queens offerings this week, including a $20 Tuesday Tasting tomorrow night. Some of the beers we’ll include are:

From Queens -

  • Bridge and Tunnel’s Tiger Eyes Hazelnut Brown Ale – a 5.5% ABV English brown made with real hazelnuts
  • Singlecut Beersmith’s Rhapsody Wheat Pils – a 5.1% German Pilsener
  • Rockaway Brewing’s 1875 Pale Ale – an American Pale with nicely balanced citrus and piney notes (6% ABV)
  • Finback’s Fort Tildenist White IPA – a session (4% ABV) white IPA brewed with green tea, and lemon zest. Light, delicate, hoppy notes of melon, tangerine, and basil.
From Brooklyn -
  • KelSo’s Fuku – a Grodziskie/Gose/Lichtenhainer beer originally brewed for Momofuku, combination of Kolsch/wit/rauchbier with a touch of salt and smokey tones typical of the style (4.5% ABV)
  • The Other Half’s Superfun! Pale Ale – another sessionable (4.2% ABV) American Pale Ale

We hope you’ll enjoy this battle of the brews and decide for yourself who’s making better beer: Brooklyn or Queens!

Serious Shelton, WNYC Craft Beer Jam, Great South Bay – All in a Week’s Work

SheltonBros2We’re having a midsummer night’s dream week, with some great offerings from Manhattan to Long Island coming up. First up, tomorrow night (7/15) we’re welcoming Joel Shelton of Shelton Brothers Imports for a 10-beer $20 Tuesday Tasting. Come taste some of the world’s best small-batch beers in this intimate setting. Beers to include:

  • *Thiriez Extra – A collaboration beer between French and English brewers, this sessionable (4.5%) Blonde Ale is perfect for the summer heat.
  • *De La Senne Taras Boulba – This hoppy Belgian is the perfect session beer — loaded with complex yeast flavors, hopped to perfection — drinkable at 4.5%.
  • *Het Nest Schuppenhaas (Ace of Spades) – An amber colored beer with brettanomyces added during secondary fermentation that gives the beer a unique taste.
  • *Montseny Malta Cuvée – A beautifully balanced and drinkable pale ale, featuring the full flavor of malted grains offset by spicy hop aromas.
  • *Monarchy Grodziskie – This recipe, created in collaboration with a Dutch brewer and a pair of historians, is based on that of a former brewery in the Polish town of Grodzisk Wielkopolski and is the brewer’s only authentic version of a “Grodziskie” made with 100% oak-smoked wheat, local Polish hops, and the beer’s original yeast.
  • *Freigeist Geisterzug Gose – Freigeist’s quirky version of the nearly-extinct traditional sour beer of Leipzig: a spruced gose that is unusually complex, funky, and full-bodied.
  • *Naparbier Sai Saison – The Spanish brewery recently did its NYC launch at Jimmy’s No. 43 and this was among our favorite offering.
  • *Trois Dames Grand Dame Oud Bruin - A sour brown ale, brewed in the Flemish tradition, that rivals even the best Oud Bruins coming out of Belgium. Elegant and rustic, and full of complex flavors, berries, spice, and a hint of nuttiness, this is a great beer to share with friends on a special occasion.
  • *Brouwerij West Tripel – A touch on the dark gold side, this tripel is rich yet dry with a firm bitterness.
  • *Amager Pride – Is it too prideful to call this beer the “perfect Imperial Stout”? Come and find out yourself!

Any two of these brews would set you back more than the cost of this tasting, so be sure to arrive early and get your sampling seat.

Then on Wednesday, July 16th, Jimmy Carbone will be back at WNYC’s Craft Beer Jam, where for a mere $25 you can hang with cool industry people like Kelly Taylor of KelSo and Mark Buford of Blue Point, get unlimited beer samples plus food, and chill out (literally, in air conditioned comfort) before heading back to Jimmy’s No. 43 for the after party.

And on Saturday, we’re hitching our rig to a Long Island bound trip to Great South Bay, where we’ll be serving up some of the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted outside the brewery from 12-5 p.m.

Whether you’re in town or hitting the beach, we hope you’ll take time out this week for great craft beer and yummy ‘cue with us!

Great South Bay’s Niko Weisse


One of the things we really love about craft beer is how collaborative it is. Lots of brewers learn their trade from other brewers, and they always seem to be willing to pay it forward. What’s cooler then than a friend who brews with a local brewer? That’s what occurred when beer writer (among other trades) Niko Krommydas went out to brew with Great South Bay on Long Island. The beer is finally ready and Jimmy Carbone will be talking with Niko on this afternoon’s Beer Sessions Radio on the Heritage Radio Network.

We’ll be pouring the beer itself, Niko Weisse, a Greek-inspired Berliner Weisse with cucumbers at the bar this evening. The beer is a pale, wheaty, low ABV brew based on the regional specialty of Berlin. Niko added cucumbers, a primary ingredient in tzatziki, to uniquely celebrate his Greekness.

Come by and try this perfect beer for a hot summer day. All regular bar/restaurant service is available.

July IS Good Beer Month

SheltonBros1We hope you will join us in July as we celebrate Good Beer Month! We’ll be welcoming beer lovers to Jimmy’s No. 43 with some incredible brews and delicious food offerings from our Craft Beer Kitchen, including our award-winning grass-fed beef burger, our lamb sliders, and our vegetarian pasta dish made with green market asparagus and ricotta.

Among our featured events for July Good Beer Month will be:

July 4th – Celebrate July 4th in the East Village! After the fireworks (back on our side of the island!), drop by and have a pint of Sly Fox Pikeland Pils: It was inspired somewhat by Jever, one of the more hoppy & bitter Pils made in Northern Germany; brewed with Pils malt and hopped with German and Czech hops. Pikeland Pils won the first ever medal from the GABF for a canned craft beer!

July 5th – BEER-B-Q AT SINGLECUT BEERSMITHS: Jimmy’s No. 43 pulls up our Summer Rig BBQ Smoker from 1-5 p.m. outside the Astoria brewery. Get your post Independence Day on with smoked meats, Mexican corn, and lots of yummy Singlecut.

July 9th – CRAFT BEER JAM AND AFTER PARTY: Jimmy Carbone heads over to WNYC’s The Green Space once again to play host to live tastings at Craft Beer Jam. Join in for Conversation, Consumption and Live Music with Beer In The ‘Burbs: The most popular breweries on Long Island and in the Hudson Valley will be on hand to talk about the brewing scene in the suburbs, share their secrets of getting started in the business. After party at Jimmy’s No. 43 starts at 10 p.m.

July 15th – SERIOUS SHELTON NIGHT AT JIMMY’S NO 43: Some of our favorite beers from Shelton Brothers will be featured at a $20 Tuesday Tasting event (see photo for a preview!).

July 16th – CRAFT BEER JAM AND AFTER PARTY: WNYC’s The Green Space and Jimmy will be talking with Long Island hop grower John Condzella and Kelly Taylor, of Kelso Brewing and president of the NYC Brewers Guild, join us for a guided tasting and to explain how different varieties of hops affect the bitterness, flavor and aroma of beer. After party at Jimmy’s No. 43 starts at 10 p.m.

July 23rd – CRAFT BEER JAM AND AFTER PARTY: This week Jimmy talks about one of his favorite topics, Paring Beer With Food. After party at Jimmy’s No. 43 starts at 10 p.m.

July 29th – BEER FILM FEST AT ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES – We’re producing this Beer Film Festival with short films and videos curated by the Happy Hour Guys and Beer Nation TV, and beer from 508 Gastrobrewery brewmaster Chris Cuzme. Tickets here.


Celebrating Four Years of Barrier Brewing

barrier1One of the things we pride ourselves on is our willingness to try out new and local beers from up-and-coming brewers. Four years ago, we met Craig Frymark and Evan Klein, two guys with a vision and a pick-up truck. The were self-distributing their Barrier Brewing Company beers from Long Island, and one of the first bars in the city to embrace the brand was Jimmy’s No. 43. We’ve been ordering two kegs a week from the boys ever since, excepting the times they were shut down (first when they were building their beautiful brewery and then again when that brewery was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy). It was a testament to how much everyone loves Barrier that the greater craft beer community came together to help them through that difficult time.

And now they’re celebrating four years of making some of the best beers in NY State. We’ll be rotating four of our tap lines starting today and through the weekend to include the following Barrier brews:

  • *Beech Street Wheat
  • *Cycle Saison
  • *Imposter Pils
  • *Dune Grass Double IPA
  • *Frau Blücher
  • *Rembrandt Porter
  • *Iddulus Kolsch
  • *Mollycoddle Mild Ale (nitro pour)
  • *Bulkhead “Red” IPA
  • *MooChelle Milk Stout

Jimmy Carbone remembers that first day when Craig (who had been brewing at Sixpoint) and Evan came into our humble establishment. Here are his reminiscences over four years:

How did you first learn of Barrier Brewing?
Evan reached out to me when he first opened on Long Island. At the time, they were still a nano brewery and were self distributing. He kept coming every week with two kegs and he’s never stopped.
What was the first Barrier beer you drank?
Going back to 2010! They’ve always made a point of producing rotating beers: They’ve made over 30 different brews, and each week there is a different selection. One of the first beers I had must have been Bulkhead Red red or Green Room Pale Ale. Their beers were so different from most breweries that launch. When they started, the beers were packed with flavor, with unique hop and yeast profiles. They were fresh, local, always good.
Why do you like to order from Barrier on a weekly basis?
Barrier mixes it up every week. I never get the same beer week in and week out. Tonight we have six Barriers on tap to offer a good representation of what they have. Come by after the World Cup!
What is your all-time favorite Barrier beer?
I’m partial to three styles they make in general: Dark beer, saison, and hoppy IPA. The Rembrand Porter and Barnacle Brown are two darks I can’t resist. From their  Saisons, the Cycle Saison and Vermilion Red cover the gamut of diverse Saison styles. Among their hoppy IPAs, I particularly like the Money IPA and the Dunegrass DIPA. We’re getting in Dunegrass today, so we’ll tap it sometime this weekend.
Anything else you want to add?
Evan and Craig set the bar for new, small breweries in NY State. In their first year, they won “Best Brewery in NY State” at TAP-NY. Quite an accomplishment, especially since they were also the smallest brewery in the state at the time. They provided a road map on how to start a craft brewery that many people have followed. I’d say the new explosion in craft breweries in NY state started with Barrier in 2010.