April Sours continue with Hitachino on tap, great bottle list

DSF3844We have had a long-term friendship with Japan’s Hitachino brewery and always enjoy the unique and balanced beers by Toshiyuki Kiuchi (pictured at left from when he and his team visited Jimmy’s No. 43 after the tsunami that rocked Japan).
This past weekend, we held our annual April Sours event, and we’re very excited to have several beers still on the menu, including Hitachino Nest Anbai, a Plum Wheat Gose, on draught.

Mr Toshi Kiuchi is using “unripe” (i.e. green plums) from his own yard, resulting in a high level of citric acid in the mash. These fresh green sour plums are added into the maturation tank for two months! Lots of wild yeast from the plums add to this beers unique flavor profile. Mr. Kuichi shares the basics of the brewing process:

  1. Brew special White Ale for Anbai ( 8% ABV)
  2. Add Japanese sour plums into special White Ale and soak for two months in cold temperatures
  3. Remove the sour plums
  4. Add salt
  5. Age one month with additional yeast added

In addition to the Hitachino on draught, we have a full list of other sour beers (we’re happy to recommend food pairings! sour beers go great with food!):

  • Bell’s Oarsman Sour Wheat Ale (on draught)
  • Finback’s Sunday Field Trips Saison (on draught)
  • Cuzett Libations’ Grisett (on draught)
  • Fantôme Hiver Saison (Belgium)
  • Haandbryggeriet Krekling (Norway)
  • Kerkom Reuss – a blend of 80% blonde ale (similar to Bink Blond) and 20% young lambic
  • Monarchy Munchhausen – a 4.8% ABV Munsterland-style sour altbier
  • Siren/Hill Farmstead Lemoncello – sour ale (lactic fermentation) with honey Imperial IPA with lemon (trying to recreate Limoncello in a beer)
  • Evil Twin Come Again Sour (made in UK at Buxton Brewery)
  • Ichtegem’s Grand Cru
  • Leipziger Gose
  • Tilquin Gueuze (Belgium)
  • Quetsche Tilquin Special Plum Lambic (Belgium)
  • Hof Ten Dormaal Zure Van Tildan Blond Sour Ale (Belgium)
  • Del Ducato Chrysopolis  – B. United
  • Anchorage/Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Boreal – Belgian-style ale brewed with grapefruit peel, grapefruit juice, and peppercorns and aged in oak
  • The Bruery Oude Tarte
  • The Bruery Hottenroth Berliner Weisse
  • Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial Dark Sour Ale
  • Transmitter Brewing NY1 Sour Saison (last of the 2015 SMASH beers)
  • Transmitter Brewing F4 Brett Farmhouse Ale
  • The Other Half Veldrigen Love Farmhouse Ale
  • Crooked Stave Surette-Provision Saison (Colorado)

Come by anytime or on Sunday for our special brisket fundraiser with Chef Jesse Jones and try one of these great sour beers.

April Sours Bring… On the Pucker!

AprilSours2015Yes! We’re open! And coming up this weekend is our annual April Sours event, and tickets are selling fast! This Saturday, April 18th, from 1-4 p.m., we’ll be offering up 20+ of the world’s best sour and wild brews during our annual walk-around drinking and tasting event! The current keg and bottle list includes (subject to change):


  • Bayerischer Bahnhof Berliner Style Weisse (brewed with Oats) – B. United
  • Hitachino Nest Anbai (Plum Wheat Gose)  – B. United
  • Cantillon Kriek – Shelton Brothers

In Bottles:

  • Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien 2013  – B. United
  • Wild Beer Co Somerset Wild  – B. United
  • Alvinne Kerasus  – B. United
  • Ichtegem’s Grand Cru  – B. United
  • Leipziger Gose  – B. United
  • Del Ducato Chrysopolis  – B. United
  • Siren/Hill Farmstead Lemoncello – sour ale (lactic fermentation) with honey Imperial IPA with lemon (trying to recreate Limoncello in a beer) – Shelton Brothers
  • Ritterguts Gos – Shelton Brothers
  • Anchorage/Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Boreal – Belgian-style ale brewed with grapefruit peel, grapefruit juice, and peppercorns and aged in oak – Shelton Brothers
  • Fantôme Hiver – Shelton Brothers
  • Kerkom Reuss – a blend of 80% blonde ale (similar to Bink Blond) and 20% young lambic – Shelton Brothers
  • Monarchy Munchhausen – a 4.8% ABV Munsterland-style sour altbier – Shelton Brothers
  • Haandbryggeriet Krekling – Shelton Brothers
  • Tilquin Gueuze (both the Traditional Belgian Lambic and the Lambic with plums – RARE!)
  • Crooked Stave, Evil Twin, The Bruery, Rodenbach, and additional brews from Union Beer Distributors TBA

We’ll be kicking off our April Sours Weekend with Anthony Accardi of Transmitter Brewing at 6 p.m. on Friday, April 17th, if you are hankering for a preview tasting (Transmitter will be bringing their F4 Brett Farmhouse Ale and S6 Rye Saison, available while supplies last)! And if you appreciate a walk down memory lane, here’s a great article from our first April Sours event way back in 2011.

And be sure to get your ticket for Saturday’s beer event here.

We’re open!

JimmysOpenTwo weeks after the explosion that rocked (in a not good way) the East Village, Jimmy’s No. 43 has reopened! We will have a full bar and limited kitchen menu this weekend (our go-to dishes: beef sliders, shishito peppers, cheese plates, fries). Our wifi and phones are still down, so we cannot accept credit cards and our ATM machine is offline. Reservations can be e-mailed. Otherwise, please bring cash to pay for food and drinks.

Ours is a historic block, and there are several famous references to this corner and our building:

  • 41-43 E. Seventh is sometimes referred to as “the brewmuda triangle” both for the three craft beer bars (Standings and Burp Castle are above Jimmy’s No. 43 in the same building) and for our rich history in the NYC craft beer movement (Garrett Oliver used to meet with the homebrewers here back in the day)
  • Many films have used this area of the city for shooting: Madonna shot Desperately Seeking Susan there in 1983
  • Enz’s Vintage Store (also still trying to reopen) was the original punk rock shopping spot: Mick Jagger would go there; Vivienne Westwood’s designs were always a presence

A great many small businesses were impacted by this tragedy. In fact,  Leonard Lopate interviewed us a couple weeks ago right after the blast (you can listen here) about the difficulties of being a small business owner when difficulties arise.

Mostly, we want to thank all the first responders and the many people who have shown support for us these past two weeks: FDNY, the Office of Emergency Management, NYC Small Business Services and all the patrons who we invite to come in and celebrate our re-opening (Standings and Burp Castle are reopening, as well).

Come drink with us and celebrate being back in business!




The Brewmuda Triangle Will Rise Again

EVilJohnTaggartWhile we mourn the passing of the historic section of the East Village that disappeared in a few hours’ time (along with the lives lost and the people injured or without homes), we’re also reflecting on the significance of our home and that of our two neighbors, Standings and Burp Castle, which are all housed in a single building at 41-43 E. 7th Street. The fire only missed us by chance: there was a gap between our building and the one next door that probably saved the block, alongside the valiant work of the FDNY.

We’re grateful and awed. But we’re also nostalgic. Our address is historic for another reason: the birthplace of the NYC homebrew movement. The three craft beer bars in our building are colloquially referred to as “The Brewmuda Triangle,” probably because you can get lost here drinking great beer for hours and days on end.

Back in the 1980s, a pre-Brooklyn Brewery-era Garrett Oliver would gather with homebrewers in our building. When the number of craft beer bars in the city could be counted on one hand, our building was gathering the future beer makers of New York City.

We truly appreciate the outpouring of support and the many great articles being written about our situation. We continue to be optimistic that we will reopen soon, along with our other Brewmuda businesses. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have good news to share!