The Back Room

Our private party room and large communal table are available for parties (more info below or on our “Private Parties” section of the website).

Off-premise catering can be arranged through our special events company, Food Karma Projects; please inquire by e-mail.

To date, the Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 has hosted corporate lunches, staff retreats, art exhibitions, beer tastings, staged readings, site-specific performances, acoustic music, mystery shows, comedians, slow food gatherings, small brewery launches, birthday parties, auditions, film shoots,– you name it. The Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 is part of this great community. Contact us today to see how we can help you fulfill your need!

Our Back Room was also a location in Woody Allen’s latest film, Cafe Society (scroll down for more info).

So every once in a while in NYC, you find yourself sitting right inside of a movie. That movie you saw when you were a teenager that made your heart swell with the romanticism and the fantasy of New York City. Those times are what remind you of why you’re here. They validate all the crowded subway rides and the rent that’s too damn high. The Buoys are in one of those moments right now. In the basement of a New York institution @jimmysno43, watching a dude paint some masterpiece, hearing some live piano and chilling with the founder of @brooklynbrewery. Here’s to those New York nights. Wish you were here. The Brothers Buoy at our 10th Anniversary Celebration

Private Parties: The Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 can host parties up to 35 seated guests or up to 50 for walk-around sampling parties. You can rent the space a la carte or choose from food and party packages (visit the Private Parties section of our website for more options).



Film Shoots: Jimmy’s No. 43 has been used as a location for both narrative features and short films, as well as television projects. Find out more info on our Film Location page.


Meet-Up Groups: Have a great Meet-Up group in search of a venue? We have great rates and plenty of beer, wine and spirits (not to mention our versatile food menu) to keep all your group members satisfied.

Corporate Outings: From lunches to holiday parties to retreats, the Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 is perfect for intimate business gatherings.

Theatrical and Musical Events, Writers & Artists: A long-standing friend of arts in the East Village, the Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 is seen as a home for many arts’ and not-for profit groups. Your imagination is welcome as you book the Back Room for rehearsals, improv nights, comedy shows, book launches, art shows, acoustic (only) music performances/festivals, comedy shows, play festivals and performances of all shapes and sizes!

 Selected Press

Complex. com calls the Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 “one of the 50 coolest places in NYC.”

The Tall Pines Revue talks about the Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 as “perfect” for artists.

Aaron Aaron
Holley Atkinson
Gisela Ballard
The Beer Amigos
Jacqueline Berger
Gregory Boland
Rick Borutta
Paul Brown
Isobel Bruce
Matt Bruck
Brooke Bundy
Denis Butkus
Christopher Carbone
Leah Carrell
James Carter
Nat Cassidy
Wah-Ming Chang
Chris Dell’Olio
Dave Ciancio
Jeff Cioletti
Phil Clarke Jr.
Joshua David Cotton
Detroit Broadcasting Co.
Jonathan Deutsch
Patrick Donagher
Sallie Dorsett
Helena Durst
Mary Jo Foley
Boo Froebel
Bill Gerstel
Brian Gillespie
Danielle Gould
Judd Greenstein
Hearth Gods
Leigh Hile
Matthew Hoffman
John Holl
id Theater
Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects
Kathryn Kates
Claudia Keel
John Kleinchester
Julie Kline
Michele Lamorte
Pamela Allen Larson
Chris Lehault
James Leighton
Laura Luciano
Matt Maison
Paula Marchiel
Sevrin Anne Mason
Jack McCabe
Riley McCormack
Ellen Mendlow
Brian Miskell
Susan Myers
Tira Palmquist
Ian Passingham
Amy Lee Pearsall
Marco Rafala
Micha Rahn
Sam Reisman
Christine Rico
Ken Schatz
Scott Shaw
Russell Skillman
David F. Slone, Esq.
Gary Steinel
Daniel Talbott
Isaiah Tanenbaum
Will Turnage
Marc Udoff
Geoffrey Vincent
Laura von Holt
Amy Witting
Ralph Yedinak
Carolyn Zezima

You may have heard that The Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43 was recently lauded as one of the 50 Coolest Places in NYC by Which didn’t surprise us because, for years we’ve been NYC’s worst kept secret among the arts community: It is the frequent venue for various theatrical and musical groups, non-profit functions, tastings and more. Because of Jimmy’s No. 43 first ever successful Kickstarter campaign, we were able to make improvements in 2013 to offer even more opportunities for arts groups, private parties and corporate gatherings in The Back Room at Jimmy’s No. 43.

We wish to thank all our Kickstarter donors (at left) for their generous support in helping us improve our backroom for these arts groups who are creating productions in the East Village.