We’re Kickstarting the Back Room Improvements

Many visitors to Jimmy’s No. 43 may only know about our back room because they got lost on the way to the loo. However, our back space is frequently used by local artists, musicians, comedians and other artisans, who are able to show off their talents in a prime area of NYC with little to no cost compared to standard venues. For 2013, we are hoping to up our game and make capital improvements to the back room that will benefit even more community arts groups moving forward.

To do this, we really need your help. We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to provide for lighting, sound, and physical improvements to the space (including heating/air conditioning), but we’ve only got a few more days to meet our fundraising goal. We need approximately $500 per day (which sounds like a lot, but works out to pennies per blog reader!) for the next 11 days, so we’re asking you to get in the holiday spirit and give the amazing arts groups we support the back room they need and deserve.

You can donate here or start by checking out this video about our back room improvement goals.