Are You Ready For Some Thursday Tap™?

This week’s Thursday Tap™ is perfect for the warmer weather coming our way! It’s De la Senne – Zinnebir from Belgium, a  5.5% blonde ale that is available only from two Brussels breweries (the other brewery that has this style of blonde ale under a different label is Cantillon). It’s a hoppy, bright beer with good malt character and complex yeast notes.  The name comes from the Belgian slang word “zinneke” or “little bastards” which refers to wild mutts that used to be found in the poorer sections of Brussels but now refers to boys living in the poorer parts of town who have one Flemish-speaking and one French-speaking parent. Jimmy taps promptly at 5 p.m., and this rare brew is while supplies last. But we’ll serve you no matter what language your folks speak so long as they speak the language of craft beer!