Happy Birthday, Chris Cuzme!

Happy Birthday to a brewer with sax appeal!

One of our favorite brewers and friends will be at Jimmy’s No. 43 this evening to celebrate… his birthday! We’ll have another good friend hanging about, Jim Barnes, who will be featuring French Beers from Shelton Brothers. Available beers will include beers from Brittany (Brasserie de Bretagne):

  • Sant Erwan 7-Grain
  • Gwiniz Du Buckwheat
  • Dremmwel Rousse British-style amber
  • Celtika Tripel

We’ll still have regular bar/restaurant service. Oh, and thanks to our upstairs neighbors at Standings, we’ll even have a television screen (apparently there’s this football game everyone wants to see). We just want to make sure you don’t have to choose between going to Jimmy’s No. 43 and watching this year’s slate of Go Daddy commercials.