2024 Events Lineup & Partners

Bowl of ‘Zole Pozole Festival

This multi-city gastronomic celebration
draws culinary excellence from Michelin-starred chefs and
features premium agave spirits tastings

Boston MA 02/24/2024 >

Denver CO 03/28/2024 >

Brooklyn NY 10/17/2024 >

East Coast Cider Circuit

Each stop offers a cache of exceptional
local hard ciders and foods.

Portland ME 05/11/2024 >

Haverhill MA 06/20/2024 >

Boston MA 2024 >

Brooklyn NY 10/5/2024 >

Pig Island NYC

Pig Island NYC gives renowned chefs and experts carte blanche to
prepare dishes with unbridled creativity using locally sourced produce and heritage breed pigs.

New York City 09/07/2024 >

Rib King NYC

Food Karma Projects and NYC BBQ bring together the best BBQ restaurants, chefs, and drinkmakers to present an all-access, supercharged backyard BBQ at Industry City in Brooklyn

New York City 05/25/2024 >

Brisket King NYC

Witness greatness in the making as pitmasters from New York and beyond go head-to-head for the Brisket King® NYC crown.

New York City 04/17/2024 >

Sauce King NYC

Top sauce makers around the work can submit entries to compete for the title of Sauce King NYC

SauceKingNYC.com >

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11th Annual Cassoulet Cookoff

Saturday, January 26th , 2019, from 1 -4p.m., pop up location in Brooklyn, at Biba of williamsburg . Larger venue, more food, all inclusive, plus craft beer, cider, wine, spirits. Full Details and ticket info

Event Press
This French dish is so delicious, it has its own festival. 
NY Post Article
“Cassoulet, to quote Julia Child, may be everyday fare for a peasant, but it’s “ambrosia for a gastronome.” And in midwinter, there’s very little that’s as satisfying, as comforting or as warming as this French bean stew, slow-cooked with lots of fat and hunks of meat and a carrot or two.” -NY Post

Magic Beans
The New Yorker

French Morning
(article in French)